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Specific Industry Expertise

We have developed expertise in operating payroll for many specialist industries such as:

Nursing and Care Homes
Taking care of residents and patients is an all-consuming vocation that leaves very little time for the demands of running a payroll. Your staff are the key to your success and this means ensuring that their pay is processed accurately and on time. Frequent staff turnover, multiple hourly and nightly pay rates, bank staff, residual NHS pay and conditions warrant the attention of highly experienced and knowledgeable payroll experts. We can take care of your entire payroll process leaving you free to look after your residents.

Temp/Recruitment Agencies
Employment agencies face particular challenges in the calculation of payroll. High staff turnover, together with holiday pay calculation and statutory payments create unique difficulties. This is a fiercely competitive sector where gaining a reputation for looking after your temps ensures that your agency has the edge in this challenging marketplace. Speed and accuracy of processing ensures that your temps remain loyal and reliable. We will take care of your entire payroll process leaving you free to focus your time on filling your vacancies.

Hospitality and Leisure
The hotel, tourism and leisure industries face the unique need to avoid a fixed overhead that is often only used to capacity on a seasonal basis. Frequent staff turnover, particularly when weekly or fortnightly paid, can put pressure on payroll resulting in issues with accuracy and compliance. Calculation of payments such as holiday pay, statutory sick pay and other statutory payments are often difficult to quantify when staff work irregular hours. We can take care of your entire payroll process leaving you free to take care of your guest or clients.

We have specialist payroll knowledge and experience in helping language schools, pre-schools and nurseries deal with the unique demands that they face. Frequent staff turnover, seasonal peaks and troughs, term time only workers and tax issues surrounding those who are not usually UK based are just some of the challenges that we can help you with.

Charities in particular are always conscious of their operating costs knowing the effect these costs have on how much they raise for their charity. Smaller charitable organisations are often staffed by volunteers with little or no payroll experience. We are sensitive to this unique situation and provide complete support for your staff in dealing with all aspects of payroll leaving you free to focus more of your time on fundraising.

client reviews
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Our 3 companies were delighted when Alison set up The Local Payroll Company. The prompt and efficient service makes our complicated payroll a lot easier. We were forced to use another, very well known company, and the service was appalling, it took over a week for them to completely process our payroll. Now it's all done in one day.

Helenor Corrall