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ePayslips, eP60s & eP11Ds

We can offer a self-service web based payslip facility which will deliver a higher level of service to employees. They can access current and previous payslips 24/7 from anywhere in the world via any device with internet access, including mobile phones.

ePayslips provides an attractive solution for the provision of payslip information to employees. Once the payroll is calculated, the payslip is automatically uploaded to the secure website www.epayslips.com. Once there, employees are able to access their own payslips (both current and historic) without the need to revert to the payroll department.

Security of ePayslips is paramount. The level of security provided by the hosts of the website is the same as that associated with on-line banking services. No hands touch an ePayslip from when it is generated to when the employee sees it, so it cannot be delayed, intercepted in the post or opened by the wrong recipient.

The Employer is also able to review all or individual payslips prior to publishing and is able to insert the corporate log on all the documents.

The same function is available for the end of year statement P60 and the expenses and benefits statement P11D.

client reviews
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Our three companies were delighted when Alison set up The Local Payroll Company. The prompt and efficient service makes our complicated payroll a lot easier. We were forced to use another, very well known company, and the service was appalling, it took over a week for them to completely process our payroll. Now it's all done in one day.

Helenor Corrall